Who needs PPE Gowns?

Here at The Odee Company we are now producing 2000 PPE Gowns a day with hopes of hitting 68,000 a day by end of May. We will be able to service every single health organization that has reached out to us and then some. Some organizations are needing 40,000 a day and some have requested bulk orders up to 1,500,000. We are building our team and already have the machinery in place.

How can we order PPE Gowns? Just give us a call @ 214.340.0415 or email us @ sales@odeecompany.com

What are your PPE Gowns made of? We use 1mil polyethylene in Blue and Clear

Picture of Gowns

Tony Gutierrez of the AP snaps a picture of our PPE Gown production line in Texas

What are your payment terms? All orders are being filled for paying customers. 1st to pay, 1st to receive. After a trusting relationship is built we are NET30.

How Quickly can you produce PPE Gowns? As mentioned earlier, we are producing 2,000 a day which are for current orders we have in house. Once we increase our volume in the next week or so we’ll be able to turn the PPE Gowns in 3-4 days depending on your quantity with hopes of building our Dallas, TX inventory so we can ship on demand.

We’re having fun growing our staff, helping Texans, and more importantly feeling great about the heroes we’re helping on the frontlines.

So if you or your organization is in need of disposable PPE Gowns have them get a hold of The Odee Company. We have a dedicated crew that is proud of the product we are producing and shipping out 2 times a day. For the Assisted Living homes, Hospice, Nursing Homes, and Hospitals, we are ready to serve you and your staff.

For pricing and other questions please do not hesitate in reaching out via email or calling our office directly; 214.340.0415



Travis Stein

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