Fulfillment Services

A usual fulfillment services project may have multiple versions shipping to 1000’s of locations. Sounds complicated. It is and this is what we do every day for some of the largest retailers in the country. We have to have flexibility in space and a workforce that is trained in kitting with multiple versions and products.

It is not easy but The Odee Company excels at it. We do these kits daily, weekly, monthly and they vary in all sizes, shapes and quantities.

Storage includes inventory control with monthly reports and daily shipping. We can devise a minimum usage level and provide you with ways to order product that will dramatically reduce your inventory costs.

We ship UPS, Fed Ex, Partial and Full Truckload and Air Freight. We ship both Domestic and International and are experts in dealing with customs brokers in both the Orient and Central America.

We have over 45,000 square feet of space of which 22,000 square feet is storage facilities.

We do Dallas fulfillment of printed and promotional products (for example: tote bags). The Odee Company is a commercial printer and promotional product distributor. We have been a Dallas Printer since 1923. The Odee Company is an Offset/ Sheetfed Printer as well as a Digital Printer.

Info about product fulfillment ? Take a look at this Wikipedia article.

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