The Perfect Blend: Stanley Drink Mug Customization by The Odee Company in Dallas

In the world of beverages, the Stanley drink mug stands as a testament to durability, functionality, and timeless design. From hiking trails to office desks, it has accompanied adventurers, professionals, and coffee enthusiasts alike, delivering piping hot brews or chilled refreshments with unmatched reliability. Now, imagine adding a personal touch to this iconic companion by imprinting your logo or design, a service offered by the esteemed The Odee Company based in Dallas, Texas.








Why Stanley? The Stanley drink mug, renowned for its robust construction and temperature retention capabilities, has carved its niche in the market since its inception in 1913. Crafted to withstand the rigors of outdoor excursions and everyday commutes, it boasts vacuum insulation, leak-proof lids, and rugged exteriors, making it the epitome of functionality and style.

The Odee Company, nestled in the heart of Dallas, brings forth a unique proposition: the opportunity to customize your Stanley drink mug with your logo or design. With a penchant for quality and an eye for detail, Odee has mastered the art of imprinting, transforming ordinary drinkware into branded masterpieces.

Why Customization? In a world where branding reigns supreme, customization serves as a powerful tool for businesses to elevate their presence and leave a lasting impression. Whether you’re a corporate entity looking to strengthen brand identity or a small business aiming to stand out, the ability to imprint your logo on a Stanley drink mug opens doors to endless possibilities.

Picture this: your company logo emblazoned on a sleek, stainless steel surface, adorning the hands of clients, employees, or partners. With each sip, your brand resonates, forging connections and fostering loyalty. From promotional giveaways to corporate gifts, the customized Stanley drink mug transcends mere utility, becoming a symbol of craftsmanship and goodwill.









The Odee Experience: What sets Odee apart is its unwavering commitment to excellence and customer satisfaction. With a team of skilled professionals and state-of-the-art technology at their disposal, Odee ensures meticulous attention to detail throughout the customization process.

From conceptualization to execution, they work closely with clients, offering tailored solutions that align with their vision and brand aesthetics. Whether it’s selecting the right color palette, refining logo placement, or ensuring print precision, Odee goes above and beyond to deliver unparalleled results.

Moreover, The Odee Company’s dedication to sustainability underscores its ethos of responsible business practices. By utilizing eco-friendly inks and materials, they minimize environmental impact while upholding product quality and integrity.

In Conclusion: The marriage of Stanley drink mugs and customization services by The Odee Company heralds a new era of personalized branding. It transcends the realm of mere merchandise, becoming a canvas for creative expression and brand storytelling.









So, whether you’re embarking on outdoor adventures, conquering boardroom meetings, or simply enjoying your morning brew, let your Stanley drink mug bear the mark of your journey, courtesy of The Odee Company in Dallas. Cheers to the perfect blend of functionality, style, and brand identity!

Courtney Langley
Promotional Product Manager

The Call for Domestic PPE Gown Production

There has been a call for domestic PPE gown production during the Covid-19 pandemic due to US shortages in PPE gowns and shady Chinese factories. The United States and it’s economy needs this call to be heard. We’re answering.

Gown production banner

We update our gown chart every morning with cheers.

Since April 1, 2020, The Odee Company has produced 369,000 Level 2 PPE Gowns and will have 1 million produced by end of June. We’re currently producing a number close to 50,000 per day. With another large domestic order of PPE gowns, we could ramp up even more and produce 100,000 per day. This is serious. Other PPE producers who have done this for a living have told us what we have created is impressive and that they were never able to produce these quantities, so quickly,  at our price point. So why are some agencies and states still looking overseas?

Let’s look at the benefits of domestic PPE gown production:
-we’ve created jobs for over 100 positions
-this income goes directly back into the US economy
-freight from China has been reported at 20% of the cost alone
-several companies like us have been a trusted source in the United States manufacturing world (The Odee Company; est. 1923)
-if we’re able to produce PPE Gowns at Chinese prices, why not order state side?

level 2 ppe gown

An employee folding domestic PPE Gowns

Our domestic PPE gown production is supplying Nursing Homes and hospitals with Level 2 Gowns. We’d like to be sure The VA is taken care of as well. The Department of Defense, The Department of Homeland Security, and The Department of Health and Human Services can all benefit from our gown service. We just need them to know we’re here and hungry to produce for our country.

God Bless the USA!

Picture of Gowns

Who needs PPE Gowns?

Here at The Odee Company we are now producing 2000 PPE Gowns a day with hopes of hitting 68,000 a day by end of May. We will be able to service every single health organization that has reached out to us and then some. Some organizations are needing 40,000 a day and some have requested bulk orders up to 1,500,000. We are building our team and already have the machinery in place.

How can we order PPE Gowns? Just give us a call @ 214.340.0415 or email us @

What are your PPE Gowns made of? We use 1mil polyethylene in Blue and Clear

Picture of Gowns

Tony Gutierrez of the AP snaps a picture of our PPE Gown production line in Texas

What are your payment terms? All orders are being filled for paying customers. 1st to pay, 1st to receive. After a trusting relationship is built we are NET30.

How Quickly can you produce PPE Gowns? As mentioned earlier, we are producing 2,000 a day which are for current orders we have in house. Once we increase our volume in the next week or so we’ll be able to turn the PPE Gowns in 3-4 days depending on your quantity with hopes of building our Dallas, TX inventory so we can ship on demand.

We’re having fun growing our staff, helping Texans, and more importantly feeling great about the heroes we’re helping on the frontlines.

So if you or your organization is in need of disposable PPE Gowns have them get a hold of The Odee Company. We have a dedicated crew that is proud of the product we are producing and shipping out 2 times a day. For the Assisted Living homes, Hospice, Nursing Homes, and Hospitals, we are ready to serve you and your staff.

For pricing and other questions please do not hesitate in reaching out via email or calling our office directly; 214.340.0415



Travis Stein

We’re Making PPE Gowns

Printing has slowed and we have an opportunity to help the front lines and keep our hard working employees by making PPE Gowns.

A local hospital approached us a few weeks back. We supply printed material as well as promotional items for them. They figured, we might be able to source the gowns or perhaps diecut them ourselves. We were supplied with an actual gown and duplicated it with our own features and the hospital said, “Perfect!”. We then started producing and the media got word. We were featured recently on Fox 4 News here in Dallas as well as a visit by Tony Gutierrez of the AP News.

Now we’re producing close to 2,000 a day and doing our absolute best to help those in need.

We’re here for you when it comes to printing and promotional items, and now when it comes to your disposable gown needs.

Why Pens are Still a Favorite Leave Behind

Right on!  Write on!  Click, write, read, message. Pens!

Hi, it’s me, Sarah!

Today I’m shedding light on Odee promotions. It’s pen day!  And yep, we have pens that light up.  I know you have bright ideas and/or words of encouragement….so light it up.  Be the light!

There’s a good reason pens are still a favorite leave behind and an easy one at that. We still have some clients who have ordered the same pens for the past 20 years because their clients crave them.

See that one pointing to The Odee Company?  Wait, they all point to ODEE.  What better way to get your brand in the hands of friends, family, clients than by having your message/contact information on an item that is used every day all day.

Chose a “leave behind” promo item that no one will want to have “leave their hand”. My favorites are shown here.  Don’t see what you had in mind?  Shop our online store and let’s find the WRITE one for you!

We have thousands of pen options.  Find the RIGHT WRITE one for your brand today!


Marketing Storage and Warehousing

Many of our clients express frustration with their “Marketing Closets” and how they wish we could take their marketing storage and warehousing off of their hands. Well, we can. With 45,000 square feet and tri-tower skid racks we have plenty of room for your marketing collateral as well as anything else you’d like us to house for you.  You’d have easy access to grabbing whatever it is you need or we can deliver or ship wherever you’d like as well.

Some common items we store for our clients:
Promotional Items
Print Collateral
Banners and Banner Stands
-Tradeshow Booths
Wearables such as shirts, jackets, & hats

Stop by or give us a call. We’d love to get that overwhelming marketing closet off your back and in our control.

The Odee Company; est. 1923
Dallas, TX

Printing the Panobook

A few months back we were the lucky printer in charge of the Panobook.  Our friends; Studio Neat out of Austin created this gem of a panoramic notebook last year and launched it via KickStarter with great success. To our surprise and delight, they filmed and narrated the process as seen through the eyes of someone outside of The Odee Company. Hopefully after watching you’ll get a better sense of the care our CSR’s, PrePress, Pressmen, Letter Pressmen, and Bindery pour into each job that rolls through our shop.

Take a watch below and let us know what you think…have your CC ready as you’ll probably want to order one of these keepsake journals for yourself.

Benefits of the Panobook:
-unique format designed for your desk
-subtle dot grid
-soft touch feel and highest quality stock
-sweet slipcase

The Odee Company; est. 1923

Indoor Print for the Outdoor World

Over the past 2 years The Odee Company has become a big player in the Indoor printing world for the Outdoors world. Many retailers have seeked us out in producing their finish outs, lookbooks, and fulfillment. Recently, the Farm, Land, & Ranch Real Estate firms have hooked up with us in producing the land maps on canvas. One outfit in particular is Venture West Ranches in Montana who sees the canvas as a nice design element to the ranch house.


Buzz Tatom is known as the King of Montana Ranch Real Estate and stumbled across the canvas map idea when his wife; Kathy Tatom of Tatom Design, had told him a land map would actually look great in this one high end ranch home she had just outfitted. Thanks to Kathy, we began producing land map canvases weekly it seemed.

Another Ranch & Land real estate company here in Dallas has been doing the same. Tyler Thomas has given these as gifts. The ranchers can drop pins on the map before they head out for their hunt, while the wives can enjoy the beauty as if it’s art.


Safety, Artistic, and it’s a strong piece to gather around with company and discuss certain areas of the land they’re on.

Custom maps are now being ordered off of our sister site; CanvasKick.

Travis Stein

The Odee Company; est. 1923

online eye test

Can you beat our online eye test results?

It’s time to do your free online eye test as everyone knows the importance of a good eye or 2 if you’re going to be in the graphic design or print industry. We have used the Farnsworth Munsell 100 Hue Test before. In 2001 I personally scored a 2. Flexed my muscle, dropped the PMS book and walked out of the pressroom. 2 years ago I gave it another run after 13 years of training my eyes on presschecks; scored a 4….not so pleasing, not so bad either.

Eye Test

This morning I decided to give the online eye test another run and see what 15 years of aging training has done. Scored a 0. Perfect. You want me on that critical presscheck. You NEED me on that critical presscheck. Proof below.


What’s your score?

Update 5.12.2020: I just took the test again and came in with a 2. That’s right. A 2. So somehow in 2001 I scored a 2. Aged 15 years and scored a 4. Then 4 years later a 2. What? I think this shows that 1) my eyes are still strong, and 2) the hues are so close that simple mistakes can be made. The results showed that I missed numbers 23 and 24 which are the blue/green region. I’ll look back on this in a year or 2 and see where we are. I’m just glad the online eye test website is still up. Best of luck to all of you and keep us informed on your results!

Test Here

Travis Stein
Dallas Printer

Wear a helmet when Duck Hunting

5:42pm, I received a text from one of the best shots I know; 2nd to Uncle Jerry “Bubba” Hunt. It’s a video. And it’s the greatest Duck Hunting video under 30 seconds I have ever seen. Wear your helmet when duck hunting.


As The Printer to The Outdoors, we receive a lot of videos and pictures from the field. Some we print as canvases, others we print as high quantity retail catalogs or store signage. We live for the weekends when we can get outdoors and live for the weekdays when we can print for the outdoors industry!



The Odee Company; est. 1923
The Printer to the Outdoors

Project SixSite Gear

From time to time we do like to fill you in about a few of our clients. Today, SixSite Gear. SixSite Gear is the baby of Carry the Load co-founder, Stephen Holley. Watch the video below, and you’ll get a better understanding to why SixSite Gear will become the hottest Intuitive Hunting Gear on the market.

What does a Dallas Printer have to do with this American Hero’s company? We printed the booth on our HP Latex printers which included a 20’x8′ backdrop, several banners as well as foamcore signs.

Thanks for the opportunity to work with you, Stephen. Thank you for your service. And thank you for your performance hunting gear.

We are, The Outdoors Printer.

Travis Stein
The Odee Company; est. 1923

wide format canvas in Dallas

Custom Canvas Creation via

Did you ever think all communication possibilities that gives you a canvas ? Products, services, events, expos, etc., anywhere you can take advantage of an attracting canvas to communicate your message!

Take a look at our “custom canvas” video:

 For more info on how to order your custom canvas via, visit here.

Travis Stein
Principal Partner
The Odee Company; est. 1923

high quality wall fab

CanvasKick is Here; home of Artist Series Giclee Prints

CanvasKick is here and ready for you to tour the featured artists and give these giclee prints some views. She’s not complete yet, but you can:

1) Create your own custom canvas at
2) Order one of Matt Jones’ Custom Prints
and soon
3) Be able to order additional product we produce

Please stay tuned to The Odee Company’s blog and where CanvasKick is headed with it’s artist series giclee prints.

We have a strong commitement with the environment, like the people at Kathy is a passionate interior decorator that uses natural elements to design homes to reflect the family that will be living in them, in Big Sky, Montana. Houses and ranches in Montana look wonderful when armed with our custom canvases or with a giclee print from one of our Featured Artists.

Update 5.12.2020: CanvasKick giclee prints has become the Affordable Alternative in Art for many collectors and home decorators. There are a lot of artists out there who have fans that can’t quite afford a $10,000 original from the likes of Pat Green, Jenn Thatcher, or Helen Lary. But now they can dress their home with these artist’s works for just a small fraction of the original cost. Want to know a secret, many guests of these homes can’t tell the difference. We’re having a lot of fun producing art for you and allowing these artists to have another form of income for work they produced and sold already. Look at us, here helping our employees, our artists, and you!

Travis Stein
The Odee Company; est.1923



Large Mouth Bass

Business slow during Summer?

Business slow during Summer? Not anymore. There are were many things you could count on come summer time in printing and promotions. 1) High energy bills due to the 45,000 sq ft of manufacturing and fulfillment space in the high heat of Dallas, TX…and 2) a lot of time to recharge the batteries thanks to marketers taking the summer off to do the same. This summer something is different. While many of our clients are vacationing, the business keeps coming in. That’s a good thing right? Well, it does take away the opportunity to get out and fish in the Texas Hill Country.



It also takes away the opportunity for my favorite past time; GolFish!

Large Mouth Bass

Large Mouth Bass caught on Tenison Golf Course

So, thank you clients for your business. Perhaps we should do our business on the course or on some area tanks:



Travis Stein
Principal Partner
The Odee Company; est. 1923


god made a printer

God Made a Printer

Watch Ram Trucks “Farmer” here

The commercial was so powerful that everyone who knew a farmer reached out and thanked them as quickly as they could.  After our personal phone calls to said farmers, my wife then thanked me for being a printer.  Figured a video would best represent who we are as Printers.

Watch “God Made a Printer” here:

Thank you to the Farmer, and thank you to the Printer.

Travis Stein
Principal Partner
The Odee Company; est. 1923
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