Printing Services in Dallas

Since 1923, The Odee Company has been providing printing services in Dallas. We have both digital for short run needs and offset for your larger runs.
Our 45,000 square foot facility houses a full prepress, press, and bindery departments. We also do all of our own diecutting, foil stamping and embossing in house to fit your special finishing needs.

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Wide Format Printing

Since 1923 The Odee Company as grown from The Legal Forms publisher of the Southwest into a strong Graphic Solutions Company here in Dallas, TX. Commercial Offset and Digital Printing, to retail kitting and fulfillment, promotional products, mailhouse, and now wide format printing has been added to our line.

Offset Printing

At The Odee Company we have a full stable of Heidelberg offset presses. We range from small format presses for shorter runs to full size 40″ presses for medium to longer runs. Many of our presses are perfecting presses which have the capability of printing on both sides of the sheet in one pass instead of having to go through the press twice. We have from 2-color presses all the way to 4 & 5-color plus a coating tower for inline aqueous coating. Whatever quantity you need we can help you produce your printed product in the most cost effective manner.

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Digital Printing

The Odee Company can do both black and white digital printing, as well as, color digital printing. Digital printing was designed for lower costs at small quantity runs. There is very little setup in digital printing when compared to offset printing. This reduces your setup costs and waste. A small quantity run is run lengths of less than say 2000 sheets. You may run as few as 5-10 copies in digital printing.

prepress services

Prepress the start of printing process

Prepress: the start of the printing process is critical for the overall success of the end product. At The Odee Company, we believe in starting with the best.

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Fulfillment Services

The final touch of our one stop shop is fulfillment services and storage. Fulfillment is all about flexibility. Flexibility of space and people. We can have numerous items that all need to be kitted and grouped with items we have printed, as well as, products that your vendors may ship directly to us and items you personally may have at your location.

bindery section


The Odee Company’s bindery is a masterpiece of flexibility.
We have cross trained professionals that react to the diverse needs of our customers products and timelines. Once a piece gets to the bindery there is never an abundance of time.

blind emboss services

Embossing & Debossing

With these techniques you can get a special finishing to your printed products. Following the images, you will find a video discussing “Embossing & debossing in Printing” in detail.

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Brochure Printing

Printing brochures can have many pages and large format or can fit in a pocket. They can be square, round or any other shape you want. Brochures can be anything you need to promote your business or ideas.
Custom brochures may vary in proportions, size, shape, number of pages; it allows you to differentiate the information, create riddles that are solved when you turn the page, or they can be just simple but informational pamphlets.

Digital Color Printing From Dallas

A serious company to satisfy your digital color printing needs! We did not want to get into digital printing until we found a machine that could give us very close to the quality of our offset presses. We found it in the HP 3050. We were one of the first installs of thisdigital press. Our 7-color machine […]

heidelberg manual printing

Manual Printing

Do you need printed manuals for your products?

We have numerous options to offer you for your printed manuals. We can print on demand with our digital presses in either black and white or color in very small quantities for your on demand needs. If you need larger quantities we will print on our Heidelberg offset presses. This gives you the most cost effective way of doing things no matter what your printed manual needs are.

mailing services

Mailing Services

The Odee Company has full mailing service capability in addition to our digital and offset printing. We can do all CASS certification, inkjet, insert and automated sort for your mailings. Whether it is a postcard, brochure, catalog or any other mailable item we can help get your project from the start of the printing to the end of the mail chain.

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Die Cutting

Die cutting is a printing process where you cut an object out of a sheet of paper using a steel rule die. The die has cutting rules that when applied to the sheet of paper with the right amount of pressure will cut out the desired object. This kind of process is used to produce doorhangers, pocket folders and tabs to name a few.

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Brochures printing services

Promotional brochures are one of the most cost effective ways of advertisement. There is no information that can not be placed on a brochure. Custom brochures may vary in proportions, size, shape, number of pages; it allows you to differentiate the information, create riddles that are solved when you turn the page, or they can […]

poster printing in Dallas

Poster Printing

Make a huge yet affordable impression with our color poster printing service! You can place posters in a window, reach students attention with college posters on boards or company posters for your corporate promotional needs. Posters come in varying sizes. Some of the more common sizes in Poster Printing are: 11×17, 18×24, 21×33, 24×36. These […]

Foil Stamping

Foil Stamping is a special finishing process in printing. Usually used as an accent to a piece to add flash or prestige. It requires making a die and the process of transferring the foil is done by a combination of heat and pressure. Foils come in metallics, pigments, patterns and many other configurations.

4 feet posters

Common Poster Sizes

The most common poster sizes are driven by the sheet sizes that printers can get from paper mills.

The largest common poster size is going to be either 26×39 or 24×36. These sizes will print on a larger sheet size to accommodate bleeds. A bleed is where the image runs to the edge of the printed product. This is done by printing on a larger sheet then trimming to the trim size of the actual poster.

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Green Printing

The printing industry like many other industries is starting to pick up steam in going “Green”. From recycling paper to using soy ink, smart printing companies are starting to realize the benefits of going “Green”.