Employment in a leading printer

You must have a good attitude, want to be a part of a team committed to satisfying our customers, and who enjoys helping to create a good work environment for their fellow employees.

Please fax your resume to 214.340.8526.

Meet us! Take a tour this Dallas Printing Company’s operations and watch how printing works during the printing process. At The Odee Company we start and dominate our day a little differently than other print and promotional product companies.

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    Well, "the video" from The Odee Company's viewpoint.  This video contains the following: -Prepress prepping PrintReady Files -2nd Pressmen loading paper and plates -1st pressmen registering colors and keeping the inks at density -Dallas Print Salesmen bringing in quality work -In-house sales bringing in print work from all across the…
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    The Odee Company was started in 1923 by Will Odee as a legal form publisher and Goes Lithography's Southwest Distributor for their blank borders and stock certificates lines. Our printing company is still today Goes Lithography's Southwest Distributor for blank borders and stock certificates, as well as, one of the largest legal…
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    Now that Buzz has given you a good sense of what The Odee Company does, you're now ready for a behind the scenes look at how The Odee Company operates. Click here for the 3 minute Dallas Printing Service video Travis Stein Print and Promotional Sales VP The Odee Company,…
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    Printing Services in Dallas Since 1923, The Odee Company has been providing printing services in Dallas. We have both digital for short run needs and offset for your larger runs.Our 45,000 square foot facility houses a full prepress, press, and bindery departments. We also do all of our own diecutting,…
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    A serious company to satisfy your digital color printing needs! We did not want to get into digital printing until we found a machine that could give us very close to the quality of our offset presses. We found it in the HP 3050. We were one of the first installs of…
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