Foil Stamping

Foils are much more opaque than normal printing inks so they will usually cover anything they go over. There are two types of foil stamping:

 Flat foil stamping which involves using a die but no counter die. The foil is flat stamped. The art will be 2-dimensional.
 Combination Foil Stamp which involves using a die and a counter die that fits in the die.

On combo stamping the image is embossed or debossed to give a raised or lowered effect. The art here can be three dimensional and have multi levels in the die with elaborate detail.

There is one warning on foil stamping that we always try and convey. If the piece is to be run through a laser printer foil stamping is questionable.

While fairly rare the heat of the laser printer can loosen the foil to where it will come off in the printer.

This can mess up a printer pretty badly. If you are using a ink jet printer you are better off. One other note on foil stamping is you will not have as many color choices as on printing inks. Where there are thousands of printing ink colors you will be much more limited in your choice of foil colors to choose from in colors.

A video from one of ours foil stamping projects done in house:

If you have a need for Foil Stamping please contact us at The Odee Company. We have been doing it since 1923 and are very proud of our artisans.

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