Spring Break Promotional Strategies: Making the Most of Custom Printed Items

As the winter frost begins to thaw and the days grow longer, the anticipation of spring break lingers in the air. For many, it’s a time to escape the routine, embark on adventures, and create unforgettable memories. It’s also an opportune moment for businesses to amplify their brand presence through custom printed promotional items. Spring break offers a unique window to showcase your company logo on products that travelers will carry and use throughout their journeys. We at The Odee Company give our hats away for reasons below.

Here’s why spring break serves as the perfect occasion to leverage custom promotional items:

  1. **High Visibility**: Spring break is synonymous with travel. Whether it’s a beach getaway, a ski trip, or a cultural expedition, people are on the move during this time. By offering custom printed items like tote bags, water bottles, sunglasses, or beach towels, your brand gains exposure in various destinations, capturing the attention of diverse audiences.
  1. **Enhanced Brand Recognition**: Promotional items serve as mobile advertisements for your business. When travelers sport your logo on their apparel or accessories, they inadvertently become brand ambassadors, extending your reach beyond traditional marketing channels. Each time someone uses your branded merchandise, it reinforces brand familiarity and strengthens customer loyalty.
  1. **Practicality and Utility**: The effectiveness of promotional items lies in their utility. Items like travel-sized sunscreen, luggage tags, power banks, or reusable water bottles are not only practical for travelers but also demonstrate your company’s commitment to enhancing their experience. By offering functional products that cater to travelers’ needs, you align your brand with positive associations and enhance customer satisfaction.
  1. **Memorable Impressions**: Spring break is a time for relaxation and enjoyment. By incorporating your logo into the fabric of the vacation experience, you create lasting impressions that resonate with your target audience. Whether it’s through branded apparel worn on excursions, custom beach balls tossed around on sandy shores, or personalized travel journals documenting adventures, your brand becomes intertwined with cherished memories.
  1. **Social Media Amplification**: In today’s digital age, every moment is an opportunity for social sharing. When travelers showcase your branded merchandise in their vacation photos or share experiences on social media platforms, it amplifies your brand’s visibility to a broader audience. Encourage user-generated content by running contests or incentives that encourage customers to share their spring break moments featuring your promotional items.

In conclusion, spring break presents a prime opportunity for businesses to elevate their brand visibility and engage with consumers through custom printed promotional items. By strategically selecting products that align with travelers’ needs and preferences, you can leave a lasting impression on your target audience while fostering brand loyalty and recognition. So, as the spring season approaches, seize the moment to showcase your company’s logo and make a memorable impact in the hearts and minds of travelers worldwide.

Courtney Langley
Promotional Product Manager

Does Direct Mail still work?

“Why send direct mail anymore?”
“The younger generation is into instant platforms like TikTok and Twitter!”

True. However:

A study by the USPS shows that Millennials are highly engaged with receiving mail:










That’s great! Does the Post Office have anything that reaches out to the younger generation via technology?

Yes! Informed Delivery is a program that allows mailers to reach mail recipients that have signed up for Informed Delivery through e-mail.  Residents signed up for informed delivery receive a black and white image of every mail piece being delivered each day. Statistics show that the younger generations are signing up for Informed Delivery more than any other age group.  Mailers are allowed to set up an Informed Delivery campaign that turns those pictures into color and be posted at the top of the recipients daily USPS Informed Delivery email!









That seems complicated, can The Odee Company help?

Yes, and Yes!  It can be complicated but Odee has the experience in setting up Informed Delivery campaigns so it’s easy for you! Just provide us an image that is representative of the mail piece and an image directing the email recipient to your website and we do the rest. The day the mail piece is to be delivered – the USPS will email the two images to the recipient to notify them it’s in their mailbox and if they can’t wait, click the image to go to your web-site.

Tom B
Mail Manager

Privacy Policy

The Odee Company values your privacy and appreciates the trust you put in us. We were established in 1923 and will in no way jeopardize 90+ years of goodwill we have built with our customers by sharing any of their information with anyone. No data is shared, sold, shown, given or transferred in anyway. Please feel free to contact us with any concerns regarding your privacy.

wide format printing in Dallas

Customers Testimonials

Customers Testimonials from printing customers:

We so appreciate it, and you working it all in on such a small printing surface. You guys are so great to work with, and I am thrilled to have the name of a printing company with which to work and to refer!
School District
September 1st, 2009

Thank you sooooooo much for the delivery of that Newsletter EARLY this afternoon. My client was very, very pleased. They love it! Thank you, Thank you, Thank you. I have already saved the file as is so that I will NOT have color problems next year. I promise you that! The Cover is PERFECT and everyone is very happy. I cannot thank you enough and faithful staff that went through so much work. To make it perfect. What is your driver’s name? Sorry I am terrible with names. And he is so sweet and nice as are you. I really appreciate your help. Very happy client.
March 27th, 2009

In the rush prior to and during Fest, and the show meetings immediately following, I did not have the opportunity to thank you for the GREAT JOB you did on our padfolios for our show. You made it happen timely and I can ALWAYS count on Odee to come through.
Fortune 500 Company
Dallas, Tx

“Just got my calendar. For what it is worth, I think this is the best looking calendar in years. From a graphic, color and program content.It gets my vote of 10.”
To be honest, I was really hesitant about the ‘green’ printing, but you have shown me that it’s not only possible, but awesome the way that the vibrant colors are displayed.
Lockheed Martin
Dallas, Tx

December 2008

Please share this email with your superiors because I want them to know that besides being delighted with the products we purchased from Odee. You both gave me great prompt, professional and courteous service and I will definitely seek you out the next time I need promotional items.
Thanks again for everything.

E-Commerce Company
Dallas, Tx

November 2008

All I can offer you is thank you, for what you guys put together. Please forward my thanks to your superiors for the great service that your company and the staff I worked with gave me. Your side of this has been wonderful, timely and informative.
Denver, CO

October 2008

They just arrived and are perfect… as far as I can tell…
Thank you so much again. They truly are beautiful.
I’m very grateful to you and your hard working staff.
Thank you, thank you, thank you!
Have a wonderful day… you just made mine.

Public University, Texas

June 2008

Once again you guys have made my life so much easier. I should have started using you a long time ago. Your promptness, attention to detail, and accuracy make a huge difference!
Thanks again.

Donna E., USPI
Plano, Tx

June 2008

We received the covers. They came out beautiful! Thank you very much.
We will definitely send our next printing or die cutting project to you. The work and the turnaround time were great!

Luisa, W&P
Denver, CO.

New York, NY June 2008

We have the notecards, envelopes and stationery and they look great! Thank you for your help with these projects!
Denver, CO.

May 6th, 2008

It was with a huge leap of faith that we tried your company as we had been with the same printer for 6 years.
Your color was gorgeous and delivery date promises were kept.
What a pleasant experience with incredible results.

Dallas, Tx.

April 30th, 2008

I really appreciate all the hard work and effort you put into everything you do for us here at USPI. Its been really nice working with you on all of these promotional items. You make everything easy for me to handle and sign off on. I appreciate the additional options you give, prompt turnaround on pricing and your great customer service. I hope we can continue to work together. Have a wonderful weekend!
Thank you – Nursing Staffing Company
April 4th, 2008

I can’t wait to see the finished brochures. I am sure they are just as nicely printed as the other brochures you have done for us in the past. Have a Nice Day.
EFC – City of Dallas
March 31th, 2008

Thank you for your help with printing our conference program. The programs turned out great! I appreciate your hard work with doing last minute edits and with uploading the files you needed in order to print. Thank you for making sure the programs arrived on time to the conference, especially since we gave you such short notice. Thanks again for all your help! God Bless.
TB – Marketing Coordinator
January 11th, 2008

Thank you so much!!! I just can’t say enough how great it is working with you and your company!!!!
MG – Focus Colorado
January 25th, 2008

Boy are we glad we found you on the internet. It was just not working with our last printer. From the first time we met we felt we could trust you with our business. You more than proved you could do it with everything we threw at you during our busy time. Thank you.!
Dallas, Tx
January 8th, 2008

The programs arrived at the resort safe and sound. We were able to see them today and they look great! Thank you for all your hard work! Happy New Year and God bless, You are Wonderful! Thanks.
January 1st, 2008

You are Wonderful! Thanks, Tina.
Major Insurance Company
Austin, Tx
March 7th, 2007

In our business, having a printing partner you can trust is imperative. The Odee Company has always delivered a great product and the full-service support we need to supply our clients with excellent marketing solutions. We look forward to continuing a long-lasting relationship, because we feel confident on any project that The Odee Company will bring added-value to our company and our clients.
Uddhav Mumbai

Just wanted to say thanks so much for yalls help with this last minute project for the Memphis group. They loved the prints and were impressed with the quality. Yall make me look good!
Jamie B.
Sales Administrator

We are using ODEE almost exclusively now. Good quality… good service… good price… can’t beat it.
Austin, Tx

We got the brochures today. Thank you so much for getting this job done early. You don’t know how much our group appreciates all your effort. We will be rewarding your good work with more work very soon.Thanks again!
Rachel Garland

Buzz, many thanks to you, and your staff, for the great job on our 06 AAFES Catalog, it looks great. See you the next time we have anything to print.
Wayne Brown.

Wow we got a great return on our variable data postcard job. Over 25% and counting. You guys are the greatest.
Michael C.

Brochures look great! Thanks for being so quick. You saved my life!
Dean M.

Thank you! We will definitely be using you guys again in the future! It was so nice to not have to think about anything, you guys came up with the art work, which looks great! Every other company we contacted wanted us to come up with the art work, I am sorry, I am not a designer! So it was so nice that you guys took care of that for us- and your cost is very reasonable… Some of the other companies wanted us not only to come up with our own artwork… but wanted to charge us a lot more than you guys! You were so professional and such a pleasure to work with… I just really wanted to write this email and say thank you!
Have a wonderful holiday!
Sommer J.

I want you to know that everyone at The Odee Company, are absolutely fantastic! I will always remember how you came through for our church, and I will be sure to let everyone know what a great group you are!
Thanks again. I am so thankful that I stumbled across you and your company.

I just wanted to stop and thank you for the wonderful job that you did on our project. I know there were some bumps but hey it’s done and words cannot describe how happy I am! The pastor of Christian Education is very pleased. Mission accomplished ladies. If you can offer any tips for the next time I would greatly appreciate it. I look forward to working with you in the coming weeks. God Bless!
Tonya N.
Dallas, TX

I want to Thank You at Odee for the excellent service and the quality of the finished product you provided. As I mentioned in one of our conversations, communication with Odee was more responsive and direct than printers I contacted locally.
I was initially concerned that the distance between upstate New York and Dallas might hinder the kind of communication that would assure that the finished product would duplicate my original drawings exactly. …the final product exceeded my expectations.
George S.
Upstate New York

From concept to the finished product, The Odee Company is an integral and indispensable member of our publishing team. We actively seek out and value all their input—from ideas to cautions to solutions to “you really won’t like the results from that approach.” Actually, none of us want to attempt our tasks without all of them being part of the project.
Kathryn I.
Richardson, Tx

I got them. Thanks so much for the quick turnaround. You guys rock!
Paul B.
Plano, Tx

“The Odee Company is great at communicating with me about costs, delivery dates, and product information. When I call or email, I can be sure that I will get a quick response. Ya’ll really go the extra step to make us feel like we are your only client. I am glad to do business with The Odee Company.”
Trina K.
Austin, Tx

“In our business, having a printing partner you can trust is imperative. The Odee Company has always delivered a great product and the full-service support we need to supply our clients with excellent marketing solutions. We look forward to continuing a long-lasting relationship, because we feel confident on any project that The Odee Company will bring added-value to our company and our clients.”
Heather J.
Plano, Tx

“We used Odee’s variable printing capabilities on the HP 3050 to produce a high end campaign designed to penetrate Fortune 1000 and major brand name organizations and connect with C-Level and VP-Level decision-makers. The response rate from this direct marketing effort was 16%, considerably greater than the industry average of less than 2% and well above the performance of past campaigns. Subsequently, it has yielded several multi-million dollar opportunities that our sales force is actively pursuing at this time.”
Heather R.
Dallas, Tx

Thanks again for the team’s patience and hard work to get the books to me for our first big event. Everyone loves them. Especially me.
Stephanie S.
Leading Edge
Newfields, NH

It just arrived here about 30 minutes ago. I was going to e-mail you and tell you how great they look! Y’all did an OUTSTANDING job. Everyone here was very impressed with the print quality.
Thanks again for all of your help. We’re working on our new Omni Wall Charts. I should have them done by the end of next week, and I’ll be asking you for another quote and sending them your way.
T. Baiter
SB Inc.
Texarkana, Ark

Once again, tell everyone involved over there that their hard work was greatly appreciated by us.
It’s refreshing to have a vendor that shoots straight and over-delivers.
Telecommunication Company
Richardson, Tx

heidelberg printing in Dallas

Employment in a leading printer

You must have a good attitude, want to be a part of a team committed to satisfying our customers, and who enjoys helping to create a good work environment for their fellow employees.

Please fax your resume to 214.340.8526.

Meet us! Take a tour this Dallas Printing Company’s operations and watch how printing works during the printing process. At The Odee Company we start and dominate our day a little differently than other print and promotional product companies.

heidelberg printing in Dallas

Printing Equipment & Capabilities

Printing jobs started in 1923 as a legal form publisher and Goes Lithography’s Southwest Distributor, The Odee Company is still today Goes Lithography’s Southwest Distributor for blank borders and stock certificates, as well as, one of the largest legal form publishers in Texas.

Servicing clients for 95 years, we occupy 45,000 square feet in Dallas, Texas. We have met the challenges for our customers every day since 1923 and keep technology and equipment state of the art

We have a full stable of Heidelberg offset presses. We range from small format presses for shorter runs to full size 40″ presses for medium to longer runs. Many of our presses are perfecting presses which have the capability of printing on both sides of the sheet in one pass instead of having to go through the press twice. We have from 2-color presses all the way to 4 & 5-color plus a coating tower for inline aqueous coating.

Our black and white digital department uses Docutech technology to produce manuals, technical documentation and educational materials, and our color digital department relies on the HP Indigo digital press. Ours is a 7-color press that can print true pantone PMS colors. It, of course, prints CMYK but if you have special branding or color matching that is needed the HP Indigo is the only digital press that will do it.

Take a look from real wide format printing jobs done with latest technology equipment at this video:

And subscribe to our channel in YouTube, to access a lot of videos related to printing processes.

The Odee Company Leadership Team

This includes multiple 4 year college degrees in printing, as well as, an MBA and undergraduate business degrees. This is a young team of professionals that started their careers in printing early in their lives and have enjoyed their work in building The Odee Company.

Average years of employment at the company for our management team is 32 years. We mention this because at The Odee Company we think stability and knowledge is a key ingredient in satisfying our customers.

The Odee Company will be here.




Diana Bannister
Customer Service Rep
Odee since 2001





Travis Baggett
PrePress Manager
Odee since 2006





Dusty Daniel
PrePress/ Wide Format Specialist
Odee since 2022





Mark Davis
Odee since 2023





Madelyn Doyle
Promotional Products Manager
Odee since 2011





Nick Harland
Plant Manager
Odee since 2022





Sarah Holland
Odee since 2011



Steve Holland






Steve Holland
Odee since 2011





Courtney Langley
Promotional Products Manager
Odee since 2023





Travis Stein
Odee since 2001


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quality printing in Dallas

Printing company history

We expanded our offerings and started doing commercial printing for businesses and corporations over fifty years ago and through the years have continued to add capabilities and services. Servicing clients for 80 years, we occupy 45,000 square feet in Dallas, Texas. We have met the challenges for our customers every day since 1923 and keep technology and equipment state of the art.

Printing Jobs, Promotional Products, Wide format printing, Fulfillment, Inventory Management and storage were added several years ago. The Odee Company is a family owned business and has been under present family ownership for the last 40+ years.

This has created a stable environment that has allowed us to grow and provide updated equipment and capabilities. We have a real printing company history. The Odee Company is an FSC/ SFI printer and promotional product distributor in DFW; est. 1923. 

At The Odee Company we have a full stable of Heidelberg offset presses. We range from small format presses for shorter runs to full size 40″ presses for medium to longer runs. Many of our presses are perfecting presses which have the capability of printing on both sides of the sheet in one pass instead of having to go through the press twice. Also check out our digital presses for your ultra short run quantities and super tight deadlines. We also do all of our own diecutting and full bindery in house.

And since several years ago, our printing company is going green.

Do you need printing services? Trust in a company with history, please, use the form to Contact Us!