prepress services

Prepress the start of printing process

The best is digital. We believe in CreoScitex and our solution is to have both Computer to Plate, as well as, imagesetters. We have digital proofing and run the Brisque4 front end. Trapping is as good as it gets with CreoScitex’s Brisque4 and it’s ability to multitask and handle complex work in an incredibly fast manner.

We also have an Iris 43″ wide inkjet proofer that is used for imposition proofing, as well as,giving you a top quality ink jet proof for those times where cost is more of an issue than seeing the halftone dot.

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All of the above devices are ripped at the Brisque4 to insure the rip once plot many strategy to insure what you see on the proof is the same file that will be used to make the image on the film or plate.

Both our people and equipment are state of the art.