We’re Making PPE Gowns

Printing has slowed and we have an opportunity to help the front lines and keep our hard working employees by making PPE Gowns.

A local hospital approached us a few weeks back. We supply printed material as well as promotional items for them. They figured, we might be able to source the gowns or perhaps diecut them ourselves. We were supplied with an actual gown and duplicated it with our own features and the hospital said, “Perfect!”. We then started producing and the media got word. We were featured recently on Fox 4 News here in Dallas as well as a visit by Tony Gutierrez of the AP News.

Now we’re producing close to 2,000 a day and doing our absolute best to help those in need.

We’re here for you when it comes to printing and promotional items, and now when it comes to your disposable gown needs.