mailing services

Mailing Services

We do all mailing work in house, we have to have flexibility in space and a workforce that is trained in kitting with multiple versions and products.  It is not easy but The Odee Company excels at it. We do these kits daily, weekly, monthly and they vary in all sizes, shapes and quantities. We have over 45,000 square feet of space of which 22,000 square feet is storage facilities.

For some companies mailing is an afterthought but because The Odee Company also prints the mail piece we take great pride in making sure your personalization will be the best it can be. Our resolution goes as high as 600 dpi and we handle barcodes and most types of fonts. We also pride ourselves in speed to market. Our production equipment can run at speeds up to 15,000 mail pieces per hour to insure once we have data and the mail piece we are off and running. If we handle the printing and mailing you only deal with one company and contact with less confusion and reduced time to the mailbox.

If you need printing mailing services look no further that The Odee Company. We’ve been doing it for over 80 years.