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Can you beat our online eye test results?

It’s time to do your free online eye test as everyone knows the importance of a good eye or 2 if you’re going to be in the graphic design or print industry. We have used the Farnsworth Munsell 100 Hue Test before. In 2001 I personally scored a 2. Flexed my muscle, dropped the PMS book and walked out of the pressroom. 2 years ago I gave it another run after 13 years of training my eyes on presschecks; scored a 4….not so pleasing, not so bad either.

Eye Test

This morning I decided to give the online eye test another run and see what 15 years of aging training has done. Scored a 0. Perfect. You want me on that critical presscheck. You NEED me on that critical presscheck. Proof below.


What’s your score?

Update 5.12.2020: I just took the test again and came in with a 2. That’s right. A 2. So somehow in 2001 I scored a 2. Aged 15 years and scored a 4. Then 4 years later a 2. What? I think this shows that 1) my eyes are still strong, and 2) the hues are so close that simple mistakes can be made. The results showed that I missed numbers 23 and 24 which are the blue/green region. I’ll look back on this in a year or 2 and see where we are. I’m just glad the online eye test website is still up. Best of luck to all of you and keep us informed on your results!

Test Here

Travis Stein
Dallas Printer