Why Pens are Still a Favorite Leave Behind

Right on!  Write on!  Click, write, read, message. Pens!

Hi, it’s me, Sarah!

Today I’m shedding light on Odee promotions. It’s pen day!  And yep, we have pens that light up.  I know you have bright ideas and/or words of encouragement….so light it up.  Be the light!

There’s a good reason pens are still a favorite leave behind and an easy one at that. We still have some clients who have ordered the same pens for the past 20 years because their clients crave them.

See that one pointing to The Odee Company?  Wait, they all point to ODEE.  What better way to get your brand in the hands of friends, family, clients than by having your message/contact information on an item that is used every day all day.

Chose a “leave behind” promo item that no one will want to have “leave their hand”. My favorites are shown here.  Don’t see what you had in mind?  Shop our online store and let’s find the WRITE one for you!

We have thousands of pen options.  Find the RIGHT WRITE one for your brand today!


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