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Promotional #1 Foam Finger

Everyone loves them!

Make your staff or team feel like they’re #1 with the 16″ promotional #1 foam finger. 

We offer you a great variety of options for you to get your custom imprinted foam finger. You can choose any imprint to put on them like your school, business or organization’s logo or slogan and adopt colors from blue, yellow, gray, brown, red, green, purple, white, charcoal, teal or even orange foam. You can also choose the color of your printing from white, black, orange, blue, and red.

Our extensive selection of shapes allows you to pick from different models like foam fingers, foam hands, foam paws to resemble that of your team mascot, foam baseball gloves, foam hammers, all of them customizable. Silkscreen is the available method of choice for imprinting your logo or company name or choose the option of a full color heat transfer.

We are the best promotional products company in Dallas and we offer you the best prices and the widest selection of promotional products for you and your customers to enjoy. Promotional products like our promotional foam products help you extend your company brand and make your customers happy, and fulfill all your promotional needs.

So if you are organizing your next company or school event be sure to contact us to get your promotional foam product right away. Support your candidate, promote your business, show school spirit or favorite cause.

You can also access our database search page at our store at PromoPlace,  24/7/365 to help you come up with other ideas.


printing and promotional products

Goes Borders / Legal Forms

Should you need samples of any particular form please call or email your request. Please limit your request to 5 forms.

All form purchases are final and we sell in 12, 25, 50 and packs of 100.

Some items are packaged separately in pads or books depending on the product.

Below you will find the list and pricing for each form. An order form has been supplied for you to order legal forms and Goes Borders. Please fill out the form and either fax or email to the address below.

We ship primarily UPS and try to ship same day if product is available for orders that we receive by 10AM.If we receive an order after 10AM we will ship the following day unless we are shipping next day air.

Email: Goes/

Fax: 214-340-8526

Voice: 214-340-0415



4 feet posters

Common Poster Sizes

Other size posters are 18×24 and 16×20. Again, these are determined by paper sizes that are available to the printing companies. Most all of the above sizes are still printed on offset presses although with the popularity rise of the large format inkjet you can now get very small quantities done by doing inkjet. As a very general rule if you are doing 50 posters or less you should look at inkjet. If you are looking at higher quantities than that offset printing will quickly become less expensive.

The rise in digital printing has also made one other size become more and more popular. 11×17 can be printed on a digital press in small quantities to help promote localized markets in small 50-100 quantity increments. This size has become very popular in promoting events and bands and the size of the sheet is much easier to handle versus a large poster.

So if you are thinking about printing posters to promote your next event, put your artwork on or make a introduce a political candidate please contact The Odee Company. We have been in Dallas, Tx since 1923 and offer great service and the best prices in town.

We have a wide range of products available for you to choose from, so, if you can not find the one you were thinking of, feel free to contact us with all of your questions. You can also access our database search page 24/7/365 to help you come up with other ideas based upon the variables you enter into the system at our PromoPlace store.

Take a look at our video:

and you will see the production of contour cut WallFabs using re-positionable vinyl.

Do you need poster printing services? Please, use the form to Contact Us!

poster printing in Dallas

Poster Printing

Make a huge yet affordable impression with our color poster printing service! You can place posters in a window, reach students attention with college posters on boards or company posters for your corporate promotional needs.

Posters come in varying sizes. Some of the more common sizes in Poster Printing are: 11×17, 18×24, 21×33, 24×36. These sizes are used due to the size sheets readily available in the printing process.

Short run posters (less than 250-500) are usually done in 11×17 size for cost considerations. This is because this is a common size for digital presses that can efficiently produce short runs. Posters are normally printed on book weight paper which is thinner than cover paper but both are used. It depends on the use as to what paper will be recommended by your printer.

Any sort of public event, from a rally to a play, may be advertised with posters. Even holidays can be promoted with travel posters. Superior, colorful inks and durable media options provide posters with bright colors, excellent image quality, amd long term exposure capabilities.

Poster printing is a cost effective way to convey your message or grab attention for events. Try using artwork that will grab someone’s attention.

Bright colors or interesting illustrations or artwork are the best. Remember you have a brief second as someone is walking by to make them stop and read your message. If you are thinking about printing posters please contact The Odee Company. We have the presses to handle any of these sizes or quantity levels.




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Digital Color Printing From Dallas

A serious company to satisfy your digital color printing needs!

We did not want to get into digital printing until we found a machine that could give us very close to the quality of our offset presses. We found it in the HP 3050. We were one of the first installs of thisdigital press.

Our 7-color machine can produce low quantities of whatever your needs are without sacrificing quality. This is the most versatile press on the digital market. It does spot color PMS for branding purposes and can print on all kinds of substrates from paper to plastics to magnetic material. This press prints variable data pieces that give you true one to one marketing tailored specifically for each individual based upon that individuals specific data.

It prints with liquid ink not toner so it truly likes like offset quality. It comes off the press ready to score, fold, bind and ship. Couple this with our Print One Center and you have a potent ally to land new customers.

For your digital color printing requirements we have the best team and machinery to solve your problem with high quality, in time and in budget!. Please, contact us now. It will be a pleasure to work for you.


> More Articles about Green Printing:

If you have a need for short run fast turn digital printing please contact us @

docutech printing services

Black and White Printing Xerox Docutech

Black and white printing? What is a Docutech?  The Odee Company’s Xerox Docutechs are both Xerox Docutech 135 models.  They can print a maximum sheet size of 11×17 without bleeds at up to 8000 per hour in black and white.  Print On Demand or On Demand Printing at it’s finest.

Who prints using Docutechs in Dallas?  Financial Institutes print using Xerox Docutechs.  Publishing companies.  Many training facilities send their black and white training manuals to The Odee Company for printing.  Human Resource departments rely on Xerox Docutechs to keep all of their black and white forms and documents in line.  And lastly, schools love the black and white prints for their workbooks, forms, mailers, and applications.

Do you only print black and white copies?  The Xerox Docutech prints black only.  We then dress the manuals or workbooks up by printing a color cover on our Digital Press HP3050 or depending on quantity one of our offset presses.

What additional questions might you have on Black and White prints in Dallas, TX?

Here to help,

*owns: Just another reminder that all equipment is paid for.  The Odee Company is a debt-free printer in Dallas, TX.

Large Mouth Bass

Business slow during Summer?

Business slow during Summer? Not anymore. There are were many things you could count on come summer time in printing and promotions. 1) High energy bills due to the 45,000 sq ft of manufacturing and fulfillment space in the high heat of Dallas, TX…and 2) a lot of time to recharge the batteries thanks to marketers taking the summer off to do the same. This summer something is different. While many of our clients are vacationing, the business keeps coming in. That’s a good thing right? Well, it does take away the opportunity to get out and fish in the Texas Hill Country.



It also takes away the opportunity for my favorite past time; GolFish!

Large Mouth Bass

Large Mouth Bass caught on Tenison Golf Course

So, thank you clients for your business. Perhaps we should do our business on the course or on some area tanks:



Travis Stein
Principal Partner
The Odee Company; est. 1923


Project SixSite Gear

From time to time we do like to fill you in about a few of our clients. Today, SixSite Gear. SixSite Gear is the baby of Carry the Load co-founder, Stephen Holley. Watch the video below, and you’ll get a better understanding to why SixSite Gear will become the hottest Intuitive Hunting Gear on the market.

What does a Dallas Printer have to do with this American Hero’s company? We printed the booth on our HP Latex printers which included a 20’x8′ backdrop, several banners as well as foamcore signs.

Thanks for the opportunity to work with you, Stephen. Thank you for your service. And thank you for your performance hunting gear.

We are, The Outdoors Printer.

Travis Stein
The Odee Company; est. 1923

wide format canvas in Dallas

Custom Canvas Creation via

Did you ever think all communication possibilities that gives you a canvas ? Products, services, events, expos, etc., anywhere you can take advantage of an attracting canvas to communicate your message!

Take a look at our “custom canvas” video:

 For more info on how to order your custom canvas via, visit here.

Travis Stein
Principal Partner
The Odee Company; est. 1923

high quality wall fab

CanvasKick is Here; home of Artist Series Giclee Prints

CanvasKick is here and ready for you to tour the featured artists and give these giclee prints some views. She’s not complete yet, but you can:

1) Create your own custom canvas at
2) Order one of Matt Jones’ Custom Prints
and soon
3) Be able to order additional product we produce

Please stay tuned to The Odee Company’s blog and where CanvasKick is headed with it’s artist series giclee prints.

We have a strong commitement with the environment, like the people at Kathy is a passionate interior decorator that uses natural elements to design homes to reflect the family that will be living in them, in Big Sky, Montana. Houses and ranches in Montana look wonderful when armed with our custom canvases or with a giclee print from one of our Featured Artists.

Update 5.12.2020: CanvasKick giclee prints has become the Affordable Alternative in Art for many collectors and home decorators. There are a lot of artists out there who have fans that can’t quite afford a $10,000 original from the likes of Pat Green, Jenn Thatcher, or Helen Lary. But now they can dress their home with these artist’s works for just a small fraction of the original cost. Want to know a secret, many guests of these homes can’t tell the difference. We’re having a lot of fun producing art for you and allowing these artists to have another form of income for work they produced and sold already. Look at us, here helping our employees, our artists, and you!

Travis Stein
The Odee Company; est.1923



Print Industry: The Video

Well, “the video” from The Odee Company’s viewpoint.  This video contains the following:

Prepress prepping PrintReady Files
-2nd Pressmen loading paper and plates
-1st pressmen registering colors and keeping the inks at density
-Dallas Print Salesmen bringing in quality work
-In-house sales bringing in print work from all across the nation
-Promotional orders being placed in our Dallas office
-Print Fulfillment being fulfilled
-In-house Bindery putting the final touches on these projects

Now, to the “Print Industry’s” Video:

Travis Stein
Principal Partner
The Odee Company; est. 1923