Tips For File Transfer

When sending files created or used on a PC: Please place all related files in one folder and compress (ie. Winzip).

When sending files created or used on a Macintosh platform: All files related to a job should be collected in one folder and compressed. Using drop stuff from stuffit creates a .sit file, however these .sit files can become corrupted and may need to be resent. They work better than .sea files, which should be avoided. If you need to send just one file and do not want to compress it, the appropriate extension should be added to the file (a Mac does not automatically do this).

Some common extensions follow:

  • Postscript = .ps
  • Encapsulated Postscript = .eps
  • Print File = .prn
  • Photoshop = .psd
  • Illustrator = .ai
  • Pagemaker 6.0 = .pm6
  • Pagemaker 6.5 = .p65
  • QuarkXpress = .qxd
  • Freehand 9.0 = .fh9
  • Tiff File = .tif

All in all, the best way is to place all files in a folder and create a .sit file. If you have additional questions, please contact your Customer Service Representative.

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