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Embossing & Debossing


Both of these words are letterpress terms, this is a letterpress machine we use in printing, it describes the terms embossing and debossing as the pushing of paper to a level that is different to the original level of the actual paper. Both of these terms are used in offset and/or digital printing.

It’s basically done with a die and a cutter die. This would be a die and this would be the cutter die. These two things fit inside each other. The paper is actually squeezed between them and we apply heat.

The die is mounted on the platen and the cutter die is mounted on the offset platen and this machine basically sits there and opens and shuts. It is basically a clamshell type press.

Embossing is basically where you push the level of the image up above the original level of the paper so, embossing, another way to look at it will be as if you are walking along on the ground and all of a sudden you have to step up, that’s embossing.

Debossing would be when the cutter die actually pushes the image down below the original surface image on the paper. So, again, in uses of the terms, if you are walking along and all of a sudden fall in a hole, that’s debossing.

We do this by using dies. Again this is a die and this is a cutter die and that is what is going to raise or lower the image that we are using on the sheet. There are different materials that we can use for the dies. This is actually a brass die; this is by far the most durable, also the last longest. You are going to use this if you’re doing multilevel , if you are in a situation when you can be doing something over and over, or you have a long run. Brass would be the next level, and copper would be the next level down. It is less expensive, would not stand up to quite as many impressions but it is still a pretty durable type of die. The die that you can use for shorter run type things is a magnesium die. You are only going to be able to do a single level and it’s gonna be more like a one-use type of die.

You heard me talking about multilevel and single level: Multilevel would be if you are actually trying to do a 3D image, like if you are trying to embossed somebody’s face, you want the nose to be one level, cheeks to be another, ears to be another level so you can see that 3D effect. That’s multilevel. Single level would be if we are trying to emboss just a line of type, or a logo, and we are just trying to raise it up to one level.

We also use heat in conjunction with embossing and debossing. So, basically we can iron the texture of the paper out to get more contrast between the actual original level of the paper and the emboss or deboss level.

Talking about papers, there are a couple of types of paper that we would use: You have coated and uncoated and there are some considerations that you need to use in both those papers.

On coated, it has a clay coating. You are not going to be able to emboss quite as deeply. Basically, what it means is that before you actually come through that clay coating, you got to keep it to a lower level.

On uncoated paper you can emboss much deeper, you can do more multilevel type embossing, that kind of things, so you have a lot more flexibility on uncoated or textured type paper.

Hope this helps in understanding the differences between embossing and debossing as it applies in printing. If you need any more information, you can contact us via the form.

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wall muraling printing services

Wide Format Printing

Printers that support a maximum print roll width of between 18″ and 100″ are considered wide format printers. This kind of printers are used to print wallpapers, backlit film, construction plans, vehicle image wraps, posters, trade show banners, and any large format signage, picture or artwork.

At The Odee Company, we are printing on high quality canvas, and using HP Latex printers. These inks dry immediately and are then coated for an added layer of protection as well as an added layer of BAM; aka, quality enhancement (Odee’s secret touch developed in 1923)!

To learn more about The Odee Company’s Wide Format Printing capabilities, please see this video:

For more information about wide format printing, take a look at this Wikipedia article.

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bindery section


We have to be able to react to multiple projects that have to be out at the same time. Our bindery is state of the art with computerized cutters  and folders that insures a precise end to the finished product.

Our bindings include saddle stitching, perfect binding, plasticoil, wiro, comb, drilling and tape binding. We have automated punching for the plasticoil, wiro and comb binding that punches 50,000 sheets an hour to help insure that our bindery is as fast as our pressroom.

Take a look at our “Final Stage of a Printed Manual” video at YouTube (printing and binding training manuals for a Dallas corporate client):

How many different ways can you bind printed products? There are numerous ways you can bind manuals, books, calendars, guides, directories, catalogs, full color brochures and all other printed products.

Take a look at this article to learn more about different types of binding for printed products.

More info about book binding? See this article from Wikipedia.

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printed calendar fulfillment services

Fulfillment Services

A usual fulfillment services project may have multiple versions shipping to 1000’s of locations. Sounds complicated. It is and this is what we do every day for some of the largest retailers in the country. We have to have flexibility in space and a workforce that is trained in kitting with multiple versions and products.

It is not easy but The Odee Company excels at it. We do these kits daily, weekly, monthly and they vary in all sizes, shapes and quantities.

Storage includes inventory control with monthly reports and daily shipping. We can devise a minimum usage level and provide you with ways to order product that will dramatically reduce your inventory costs.

We ship UPS, Fed Ex, Partial and Full Truckload and Air Freight. We ship both Domestic and International and are experts in dealing with customs brokers in both the Orient and Central America.

We have over 45,000 square feet of space of which 22,000 square feet is storage facilities.

We do Dallas fulfillment of printed and promotional products (for example: tote bags). The Odee Company is a commercial printer and promotional product distributor. We have been a Dallas Printer since 1923. The Odee Company is an Offset/ Sheetfed Printer as well as a Digital Printer.

Info about product fulfillment ? Take a look at this Wikipedia article.

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prepress services

Prepress the start of printing process

The best is digital. We believe in CreoScitex and our solution is to have both Computer to Plate, as well as, imagesetters. We have digital proofing and run the Brisque4 front end. Trapping is as good as it gets with CreoScitex’s Brisque4 and it’s ability to multitask and handle complex work in an incredibly fast manner.

We also have an Iris 43″ wide inkjet proofer that is used for imposition proofing, as well as,giving you a top quality ink jet proof for those times where cost is more of an issue than seeing the halftone dot.

Yellow BorderAudio version for this article: “Prepress – The Start Of Printing Process.” (for people with visual disabilities or impairments).Yellow Border
All of the above devices are ripped at the Brisque4 to insure the rip once plot many strategy to insure what you see on the proof is the same file that will be used to make the image on the film or plate.

Both our people and equipment are state of the art.

Brochure printing dallas area

Brochure Printing

Promote your company with our full color brochures!

Promotional brochures are one of the most cost effective ways of advertisement. There is no information that can not be placed there.

Brochures can be printed in many different forms. You can use institutional brochures with specific information of your company or for educational pamphlets. Promotional flyers are smaller than brochures but printed in larger runs. Catalogs usually have more pages than normal brochures. Maps and tourist guides are also types of this kind of promotional items.

When The Odee Company  design a brochure, we use all graphic methods and techniques and our vast technical experience. We want to make our customers’ lives as easy as we can. Full color brochures are perfect to present your products, business and information in an impressive, professional way.

Finally, we can mail your brochures to your clients and prospects and we have the best prices in town.

For all your brochure printing needs, please contact us!

Digital Color Printing From Dallas

A serious company to satisfy your digital color printing needs!

We did not want to get into digital printing until we found a machine that could give us very close to the quality of our offset presses. We found it in the HP 3050. We were one of the first installs of thisdigital press.

Our 7-color machine can produce low quantities of whatever your needs are without sacrificing quality. This is the most versatile press on the digital market. It does spot color PMS for branding purposes and can print on all kinds of substrates from paper to plastics to magnetic material. This press prints variable data pieces that give you true one to one marketing tailored specifically for each individual based upon that individuals specific data.

It prints with liquid ink not toner so it truly likes like offset quality. It comes off the press ready to score, fold, bind and ship. Couple this with our Print One Center and you have a potent ally to land new customers.

For your digital color printing requirements we have the best team and machinery to solve your problem with high quality, in time and in budget!. Please, contact us now. It will be a pleasure to work for you.


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Foil Stamping

Foils are much more opaque than normal printing inks so they will usually cover anything they go over. There are two types of foil stamping:

 Flat foil stamping which involves using a die but no counter die. The foil is flat stamped. The art will be 2-dimensional.
 Combination Foil Stamp which involves using a die and a counter die that fits in the die.

On combo stamping the image is embossed or debossed to give a raised or lowered effect. The art here can be three dimensional and have multi levels in the die with elaborate detail.

There is one warning on foil stamping that we always try and convey. If the piece is to be run through a laser printer foil stamping is questionable.

While fairly rare the heat of the laser printer can loosen the foil to where it will come off in the printer.

This can mess up a printer pretty badly. If you are using a ink jet printer you are better off. One other note on foil stamping is you will not have as many color choices as on printing inks. Where there are thousands of printing ink colors you will be much more limited in your choice of foil colors to choose from in colors.

A video from one of ours foil stamping projects done in house:

If you have a need for Foil Stamping please contact us at The Odee Company. We have been doing it since 1923 and are very proud of our artisans.

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mailing services

Mailing Services

We do all mailing work in house, we have to have flexibility in space and a workforce that is trained in kitting with multiple versions and products.  It is not easy but The Odee Company excels at it. We do these kits daily, weekly, monthly and they vary in all sizes, shapes and quantities. We have over 45,000 square feet of space of which 22,000 square feet is storage facilities.

For some companies mailing is an afterthought but because The Odee Company also prints the mail piece we take great pride in making sure your personalization will be the best it can be. Our resolution goes as high as 600 dpi and we handle barcodes and most types of fonts. We also pride ourselves in speed to market. Our production equipment can run at speeds up to 15,000 mail pieces per hour to insure once we have data and the mail piece we are off and running. If we handle the printing and mailing you only deal with one company and contact with less confusion and reduced time to the mailbox.

If you need printing mailing services look no further that The Odee Company. We’ve been doing it for over 80 years.

printing and promotional products

Goes Borders / Legal Forms

Should you need samples of any particular form please call or email your request. Please limit your request to 5 forms.

All form purchases are final and we sell in 12, 25, 50 and packs of 100.

Some items are packaged separately in pads or books depending on the product.

Below you will find the list and pricing for each form. An order form has been supplied for you to order legal forms and Goes Borders. Please fill out the form and either fax or email to the address below.

We ship primarily UPS and try to ship same day if product is available for orders that we receive by 10AM.If we receive an order after 10AM we will ship the following day unless we are shipping next day air.

Email: Goes/

Fax: 214-340-8526

Voice: 214-340-0415