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Black and White Printing Xerox Docutech

Black and white printing? What is a Docutech?  The Odee Company’s Xerox Docutechs are both Xerox Docutech 135 models.  They can print a maximum sheet size of 11×17 without bleeds at up to 8000 per hour in black and white.  Print On Demand or On Demand Printing at it’s finest.

Who prints using Docutechs in Dallas?  Financial Institutes print using Xerox Docutechs.  Publishing companies.  Many training facilities send their black and white training manuals to The Odee Company for printing.  Human Resource departments rely on Xerox Docutechs to keep all of their black and white forms and documents in line.  And lastly, schools love the black and white prints for their workbooks, forms, mailers, and applications.

Do you only print black and white copies?  The Xerox Docutech prints black only.  We then dress the manuals or workbooks up by printing a color cover on our Digital Press HP3050 or depending on quantity one of our offset presses.

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*owns: Just another reminder that all equipment is paid for.  The Odee Company is a debt-free printer in Dallas, TX.