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Employee Recognition

Corporate Marketers who like providing their employees with gifts during the Holiday Season. The Odee Company is here for you.  Holidays are fast approaching like a Westie in the wind. We have the best employee recognition products

We touched on this subject a few years back and provided some links with Corporate Gifts here.  Obviously, there are much cooler/ hip items produced these days than my post back in ’09. Contact us and we can help you brainstorm on what might be the best fit for your company’s employees. Every industry is different and every budget is different. 

You could go with an everyday wearable such as the coolest hat on the block for your hip ad agency style employees.

Or, order an iPad sleeve for your employees who just received iPads from corporate.  I’m sure corporate wants their purchase to last…why not make their investment last with some protective advertising?

Your logo will look great for years to come on our genuine marble coaster tiles. They are available with solid American walnut or without. Presentation/gift box included. Our plaques and our Steel Corporate Bars are perfect for company mission statements or recognition. Perfect for company mergers or employee recognition. All of our recognition products comes nicely packaged.

Our collection of employees incentives is huge!, take a look at our store in PromoPlace