Does Direct Mail still work?

“Why send direct mail anymore?”
“The younger generation is into instant platforms like TikTok and Twitter!”

True. However:

A study by the USPS shows that Millennials are highly engaged with receiving mail:









That’s great! Does the Post Office have anything that reaches out to the younger generation via technology?

Yes! Informed Delivery is a program that allows mailers to reach mail recipients that have signed up for Informed Delivery through e-mail.  Residents signed up for informed delivery receive a black and white image of every mail piece being delivered each day. Statistics show that the younger generations are signing up for Informed Delivery more than any other age group.  Mailers are allowed to set up an Informed Delivery campaign that turns those pictures into color and be posted at the top of the recipients daily USPS Informed Delivery email!









That seems complicated, can The Odee Company help?

Yes, and Yes!  It can be complicated but Odee has the experience in setting up Informed Delivery campaigns so it’s easy for you! Just provide us an image that is representative of the mail piece and an image directing the email recipient to your website and we do the rest. The day the mail piece is to be delivered – the USPS will email the two images to the recipient to notify them it’s in their mailbox and if they can’t wait, click the image to go to your web-site.

Tom B
Mail Manager