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Digital Printing

The other advantage of digital printing is the fast turnaround that can be achieved. Many times you can turn a job in a day or less if needed. Digital printing also gives you the availability of doing variable data printing. This means that text, graphics or pictures can be changed from one copy to the next. This is a very powerful way to connect one to one with your customers.

Black & White Digital: Our black and white digital department uses Docutech technology to produce manuals, technical documentation and educational materials. This black and white text can then be married with color covers to make a very appealing product or manual. You can do all kinds of binding from perfect bind, plasticoil, saddle stitch, and tape bind, to name a few.

Color Digital Printing: Our color digital department relies on the HP Indigo 3050 digital press. Ours is a 7-color press that can print true pantone PMS colors. It, of course, prints CMYK but if you have special branding or color matching that is needed the 3050 is the only digital press that will do it. The HP Indigo 3050 is also based on liquid ink technology versus toner based like its competitors. Why is that important? When we got into digital color we wanted the closest thing to offset printing that we could find. The liquid ink gives you that. Because it is ink like offset you very seldom can tell the difference between offset and The Odee Company’s color digital printing. You also have a wide choice of substrates to print on besides normal paper. You can print on vinyl, clear acetate, styrene like material and numerous adhesive backed materials. The Indigo technology is the quality way to go in color digital printing.

Digital printing is a term that can be used for a lot of different technologies. It could be anything from a desktop color copier all the way up to the quality digital printing the Indigo is capable of. Don’t short change your company or your product.

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