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Green Printing - Printing Industry Goes Green

The printing industry like many other industries is starting to pick up steam in going "Green". From recycling paper to using soy ink, smart printing companies are starting to realize the benefits of going "Green".

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Recycling of paper or being certified by the Forestry Stewardship Council(FSC) or the Sustainable Forestry Initiative (SFI) gives you the ability to control the fiber that is being used to make your certified paper. This is usually going to be the largest waste component of a printing job. By using recycled post consumer waste paper you are directly saving trees and if you use FSC or SFI certified papers and certified printing companies you can also display the FSC & SFI logos on your printed product.

Recycling of all ink or using soy based inks is another way to be "green" with your printing. You can and should recycle all press solutions and plates used in the printing process. This can and should be done...

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Green Printing: Because we need to care for our children and their future!

If you need information about Green Printing please contact us @

Our company is very responsible with our environment. Look for other green companies from Dallas.

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Green Printing, The Odee Company in the news!
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