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Digital Printing vs. Offset Printing

Dallas Digital And Offset PrintingAt The Odee Company we use both digital and offset printing to fill our customer’s print needs. So we have a unbiased view of both processes. Each has its place in efficiently producing the right printed product at the right quantity and quality level.

Digital Printing is perfect for shorter runs of a few sheets to 1000 sheets. It provides you with prints that are always the same because you have no balance of ink and water during this process. This can be toner based or liquid ink based. It can be black and white or color. The price for short runs will usually be less using digital compared to offset printing. Very short runs can be much more cost effective using digital equipment. The reason is there is very little or no setup or consumables.

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Another advantage of digital printing is that you can make it variable or customizable. You can change text or pictures from one sheet to the next or run collated sets right out of the press. This is used for true one to one marketing that will give you much higher returns on your mailings. The downfall of digital still to this point is you do not have the dramatic drop off in costs as quantity goes up.

Our stable of digital equipment includes: Docutechs for black & white manuals and documentation material and the HP Indigo 3050 for all of our short run color needs. The Indigo 3050 rivals offset printing due to its liquid ink technology. It is also the only color digital press that will do true spot colors.Offset Printing Dallas

Offset Printing uses plates and inks to do the printing. It offers high image quality and it allows you to work on a wide range of printing substrates. It also offers the best quality and lowest costs as print runs grow larger in quantity or size.

It really depends on the kind of printing job as to which technology is best suited not only from a cost standpoint but also from a quality standpoint. Both digital printing and offset printing have their advantages and disadvantages and that is where you need an experienced printing company such as The Odee Company to help guide you in the best way to produce your printed products. Contact us to help guide you throught the world of printing.



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