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Common Poster Sizes

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The most common poster sizes are:

Poster sizes are driven by the sheet sizes that printers can get from paper mills.

The largest common poster size is going to be either 26x39 or 24x36. These sizes will print on a larger sheet size to accommodate bleeds. A bleed is where the image runs to the edge of the printed product. This is done by printing on a larger sheet then trimming to the trim size of the actual poster.

Promotional Poster Sizes

Other size posters are 18x24 and 16x20. Again, these are determined by paper sizes that are available to the printing companies. Most all of the above sizes are still printed on offset presses although with the popularity rise of the large format inkjet you can now get very small quantities done by doing inkjet. As a very general rule if you are doing 50 posters or less you should look at inkjet. If you are looking at higher quantities than that offset printing will quickly become less expensive.

The rise in digital printing has also made one other size become more and more popular. 11x17 can be printed on a digital press in small quantities to help promote localized markets in small 50-100 quantity increments. This size has become very popular in promoting events and bands and the size of the sheet is much easier to handle versus a large poster.Common Promotional Poster Sizes

So if you are thinking about printing posters to promote your next event, put your artwork on or make a introduce a political candidate please contact The Odee Company. We have been in Dallas, Tx since 1923 and offer great service and the best prices in town.

We have a wide range of products available for you to choose from, so, if you can not find the one you were thinking of, feel free to contact us with all of your questions. You can also access our database search page 24/7/365 to help you come up with other ideas based upon the variables you enter into the system at



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