We have to be able to react to multiple projects that have to be out at the same time. Our bindery is state of the art with computerized cutters  and folders that insures a precise end to the finished product.

Our bindings include saddle stitching, perfect binding, plasticoil, wiro, comb, drilling and tape binding. We have automated punching for the plasticoil, wiro and comb binding that punches 50,000 sheets an hour to help insure that our bindery is as fast as our pressroom.

Take a look at our “Final Stage of a Printed Manual” video at YouTube (printing and binding training manuals for a Dallas corporate client):

How many different ways can you bind printed products? There are numerous ways you can bind manuals, books, calendars, guides, directories, catalogs, full color brochures and all other printed products.

Take a look at this article to learn more about different types of binding for printed products.

More info about book binding? See this article from Wikipedia.

Do you need bindery printing services? Use the form to contact us!

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